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Our Talent Transition Services include both on-boarding and off-boarding services as we understand that smooth transitions are vital for both new hires and departing employees. With our Talent Transition Services, we ensure that these transitions are seamless, positive, and beneficial for all parties involved. How do we do it? Learn more by clicking on the service that interests you:

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Ensure a smooth transition for your new hires with our onboarding service. We offer expert guidance and evaluation to optimize your onboarding process and enhance employee integration, retention and their success on position.


What's Included:

  • Onboarding Consultation: Our HR experts provide personalized consultations to understand your organization's current onboarding process, challenges, and goals.

  • Onboarding Program Design: Based on our consultation and , we offer recommendations and assistance in designing or refining your onboarding program. This may include suggestions for orientation materials, training modules, and onboarding schedules.

  • Compliance Review: Ensure your process meets all legal standards with our exhaustive compliance checks.

  • Feedback and Evaluation: We gather feedback from new hires and stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of your onboarding process. This feedback helps identify areas for improvement and refinement.


How It Works:











This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your onboarding process is aligned with best practices and tailored to your organizational culture. Elevate your employee onboarding experience. Contact us today for a consultation!


Initial Consultation

Start with a detailed discussion to capture your specific needs.


Onboarding Audit

Assess current practices and compliance, gathering essential feedback.


Recommendations and Design

Obtain a customized action plan focusing on impactful changes.


Implementation Support

Get hands-on support to implement proposed enhancements.


Follow-Up Evaluation

Measure the impact of changes with our detailed follow-up assessments, ready for further adjustments.

Transition periods don't need to be challenging. Ensure smooth onboarding and off-boarding experiences with our Talent Transition Services.
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The initial consultation takes place through Zoom with a Themure consultant. 

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