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Talent Acquisition 

At Themure, we take pride in our talent acquisition services, crafted to refine your recruitment process and connect you with the best-suited candidates. By intertwining our recruitment expertise with comprehensive industry knowledge and sales skills, we deliver solutions uniquely tailored to your hiring objectives. Our focus on candidate experience ensures that each touchpoint with your organization is positive, thereby echoing your dedication to professionalism and excellence. 

All of our Talent Acquisition Services include employer branding services to highlight your organization's and the vacant position's unique benefits to create a message that resonates with the candidates. 

Learn more about our services below, and don't hesitate to contact us today. Let's discuss how Themure can assist in attracting, engaging, and hiring the right talent to drive your organization's success.

Recruitment Solutions

We understand that your hiring needs are unique and require specialized attention. That's why we offer targeted and tailored recruitment approaches to ensure a successful match for critical positions. From headhunting to public campaigns, we employ specialized methods to identify and attract top talent that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Building the Candidate Pool

To maximize the potential candidate pool, we collaborate with leading job platforms in Estonia and have access to multiple national and international candidate databases. Additionally, we utilize various media channels, including social, online, and print, to reach out to a wider audience.

Our approach goes beyond traditional methods. We go the extra mile by identifying your competitors and other companies within your industries of interest, and understand their structure. This proactive step allows us to further widen the talent pool, ensuring we discover the most suitable candidates for your organization.

Recruitment Solutions for Executive Roles

For positions with an annual salary of 250K euros and above, we offer our exclusive Premium Recruitment Solutions. This service is designed to cater to the unique demands of high-level roles in your organization. By dedicating extra resources and intensifying our headhunting strategy, we ensure the attraction of top-notch talent.

Enhanced Engagement for Applicants

With our Premium Recruitment Solutions, we focus on fostering enhanced engagement with potential candidates. By doing so, we guarantee that the quality of applicants matches the high expectations set for these crucial positions.

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your critical roles, our tailored and Premium Recruitment Solutions are here to deliver results. Let us help you build a team of exceptional individuals who will drive your organization's success.

Talent Lease

Welcome to Themure Talent Lease, your collaborative partner in effectively managing the dynamic staffing requirements of your business. We are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing timely and efficient solutions.

Why Choose Themure Talent Lease?

Themure Talent Lease is a specialized service designed to cater to your temporary staffing needs for white-collar positions. We recognize that businesses go through transitions, encounter project-based demands, or face personnel gaps, and we have tailored this service to meet these precise requirements.

Our Commitment to Quality

Just like our Specialized and Expedited Recruitment Solutions, Themure Talent Lease operates with utmost precision and dedication to quality. We cover a broad spectrum of roles and industries, acknowledging that each organization's needs can evolve over time.

A Vast Network of Skilled Professionals

Leveraging our extensive network of skilled professionals, we meticulously select candidates through rigorous processes to ensure they meet your high standards. Once selected, our candidates are swiftly onboarded, seamlessly integrating into your existing teams to maintain productivity.

Operational Continuity Ensured

Themure Talent Lease serves as your reliable partner, ensuring operational continuity during periods of increased workload or unexpected personnel absence.

Flexible Staffing Solutions for Your Success

With Talent Lease, you gain access to flexible staffing solutions that allow you to hire skilled professionals on a temporary basis. Whether you have short-term projects, seasonal demands, or require additional manpower, Talent Lease offers a cost-effective way to meet your staffing needs without compromising on talent quality.

At Themure Talent Lease, we understand the importance of having proficient professionals precisely when you need them. Let us be your trusted partner in managing your temporary staffing requirements so that you can focus on driving your business forward with confidence.

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Third-Party Interviewing

Explore the practical advantages of Third-Party Interviewing. In an intricate process like recruitment, we offer a pragmatic approach through thorough, unbiased evaluations of your candidate pool.

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Our experienced interviewers evaluate each candidate's skills and potential, ensuring a precise match with your organization's specific needs. 

Our service isn't just about time-saving - it’s a strategic step towards enhancing the objectivity of your recruitment process. We actively counteract unconscious biases and provide consistent, fair evaluations. Regardless of the quality of the candidate pool, we provide a comprehensive, unbiased analysis of each candidate's suitability to your organization. 

As part of our comprehensive process, we conduct background and reference checks for shortlisted candidates, adding an additional layer of security and impartiality.


With Themure Third-Party Interviewing, you'll receive expert, unbiased feedback and recommendations, empowering you to make informed, confident hiring decisions.

Each organization has unique Talent Acquisition needs, and we have a unique solution for each. From recruitment to talent lease and third party interviewing - let's discuss what suits you best.
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