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Our Talent Transition Services include both on-boarding and off-boarding services as we understand that smooth transitions are vital for both new hires and departing employees. With our Talent Transition Services, we ensure that these transitions are seamless, positive, and beneficial for all parties involved. How do we do it? Learn more by clicking on the service that interests you:

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Making sure that the off-boarding process is handled professionally and tactfully is important for both sides - the organization and the departing employee. We facilitate a positive departure experience for employees leaving your organization. We handle all necessary processes and documentations and ensure that their exit is handled professionally and with respect.

Furthermore, our comprehensive exit interviews and exit surveys gather valuable insights and feedback from departing employees, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and enhance your employee experience moving forward. Here's what you can expect from us:

  1. Consulting: First step is always understanding the specifics. We do that through an introductory call or meeting where we discuss through your situation, ask some clarifying questions, and based on that, put together an exact strategy how to approach the situation.

  2. Off-Boarding Documentation: We provide clear and concise off-boarding documentation outlining the process, and depending on the specifics - final pay details, benefits continuation options, and other relevant information. This ensures a smooth transition for both the departing employee and the organization.

  3. Exit Surveys: We offer comprehensive exit surveys to gather feedback from the departing employee. This can offer valuable insights on its own, but is also used as input for the exit interviews.

  4. Exit Interviews: We conduct thorough exit interviews to gather feedback from departing employees. This valuable insight helps identify areas for improvement and enhances employee satisfaction.

Ensure smooth onboarding and off-boarding experiences with our Talent Transition Services.
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The initial consultation takes place through Zoom with a Themure consultant. 

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