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Behind every achievement - big or small, in any sector or scale - are the right people in the right organizations and roles. Our focus is on creating lasting connections that drive long-term success for both organizations and candidates. Whether you're looking to improve your HR processes, grow the internal talent, recruit new talent, or you're looking to grow in your own career, we've got you covered. Through our talent solutions, our mission is to drive innovation and help both our clients and candidates accomplish more.


We offer a comprehensive selection of Talent Management Solutions, designed to meet the most common recruitment and HR needs. For very specific needs, please reach out to us directly.


Our Talent Acquisition Solutions expertly navigate complex markets to find the ideal fit for your organization. Tailored to your specific requirements, we offer services including end-to-end recruitment, direct search (headhunting), public campaigns, third-party interviewing, and staff augmentation to provide the specialized talent and flexible support your organization requires.


Our Talent Assessment Solutions are designed to assist you with your hiring decisions and to reveal the untapped potential within your organization. From candidate assessments to workforce development, we help you make the most of your human capital.


Change is inevitable, but smooth transitions are not. Our talent transition solutions ensure that every "hello" and "goodbye" in your organization is meaningful and constructive. We help with designing comprehensive on-boarding experiences and handle off-boarding with empathy and respect, turning every transition into a new opportunity for development.



Are you ready to elevate your career, pivot to a new field, or find exciting freelance opportunities? Join our talent network and get access to new interesting challenges.

By submitting your resume and creating a profile in our database, you open doors to opportunities that match your unique skills and career goals. Easily manage your profile, ask for an update on your application, and get information on how to prepare for your first interview with Themure in our candidate section.




Our hiring process is transparent, objective, and honest. We focus on your unique abilities and aspirations, matching you only with roles that fit them. Guided by the principles of meritocracy, we believe your career advancement should be driven by your skills, integrity, and overall suitability for the position.

We value the trust you place in us and prioritize confidentiality. Your professional details and personal information are handled with the highest level of discretion.

Join us and take the next step towards your professional growth with confidence.


Themure is a privately owned Estonian company, and our name tells our story. The "Them" in Themure represents our valued clients, and candidates. The "Ure" stems from the universal concept of the 'future,' and reflects our mutual dedication to fostering a better tomorrow.

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2016, and undergone a significant transformation in 2023, Themure unites a unique set of experiences from top agencies and world-class corporations like Microsoft.


Our experienced team and innovative solutions allow us to successfully fulfill even the most complex talent management needs of our clients, both locally and internationally. 

With Themure, you're not just engaging a talent management firm; you're forging a relationship with a partner equally invested in your journey towards success. 


We serve a diverse range of clients spanning from local start-ups to established Fortune 500 companies, extending all the way to public sector institutions. Our experience across various industries increases our capability to provide customized talent management solutions that cater to unique needs. So, whether you're a small business, a multinational corporation, or a public sector institution, reach out to us, and let's see how we can help you in your journey.


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Thank you for reaching out to us! If you message includes any questions or requests, rest assured that our team is viewing your inquiry and will respond promptly.

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Contact information


Tel: +372 622 6039

Address: Hobujaama 4, Tallinn 10151, Harjumaa, Estonia

Legal information

Legal name: Themure OÜ

Company registration number: 14069188

VAT number: EE101894199

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